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Welcome to the Buddha, the new Brno Indian restaurant serving specialties and classic Indian and Nepalese cuisine. Shiva Lal Kharal, Nepalese chef and owner with years of experience cooks for you. In the working week we choose 3 courses to the main menu ( 89,- or 120,-CZK) and soup (17,-CZK) . For those who want to taste all the dishes together we Mix Thali (3 meals of the day in one split plate ) . As the side dishes we offer Tandoori NAN ( ind.bread cake / flour , salt, eggs , spices / ) , basmati rice , or a combination of both supplements. Menu is served between 11 am and 15 hour . In addition to the daily menu, you can choose from dozens of main dishes , side dishes and appetizers. Do not be afraid of spicy Indian cuisine ; individually will prepare your choice according to your taste cells : low, mid , or a really spicy . We have a rich selection of vegetarian dishes. The vegetarians are welcome as well, but you must have a little more patience because our recipes have cream recipes basis and free of animal products thus takes more time (at the time menu , especially 11.30-13.00 , over 30 minutes). Food preparation takes place after your order , so it may be time to wait - especially in " peak lunch " - a little longer , but the time from order to serving generally not exceed 20 minutes. We serve Svijany 11° and Kofola. In cold weather we recommend you to warm up and encourage by Indian masala tea . For an authentic experience of our kitchen we also offer Indian Cobra or Kingfisher beer. There is ready bottle Birrel or Ginger Beer for the drivers . Except espresso prepare you for encouragement Masala tea ( black tea semi.milk , Masala spices , sugar) . Its effects are very encouraging. Refreshing the chilled yogurt drink Lassi , salty or with juice (banana , mango) . Furthermore you cool a wide variety of non-alcoholic soft drinks : Cola , Fanta , Sprite , Green tea and Bonaqua ( still, j.perlivá , carbonated) . We are a non-smoking restaurant , we have WiFi coverage . Chef Shiva says about the specifics of Indian and Nepalese cuisine : " Typical attachments include basmati rice and Tandoori Nan ( ind.bread of Tandoor boiler / boiler charcoal / ) . Potatoes are the food, neservírují as an attachment . Substantial vegetable base is onions , garlic and tomatoes . for other vegetables are mostly used carrots , red lentils, peas , beans and cauliflower . spice lavish coriander , cardamom , cumin . a course chilli, curry and vindaloo . preparing a fresh cheese ( paneer ) for meatless variations. Z meat is eaten chicken , lamb , fish and shrimp ( in India and also in our diet ) . combination of the Nepal is Dal Bhat, an Indian red lentils with rice. " "

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